Chief Executive Officer

Michael "Artist" Lewis McBride has made a big splash as a successful visual designer and producer. As the creator and founder of Nu Tainment LLC., he has been active in the entertainment business for over 35 years as a performer, coach and mentor to up and coming nu talents.  His purpose is to connect and manage Nu talent to the world of all ages.

Chief of Operations

Estle Lewis McBride is the founder and chairman of the board of Nu Tainment Charities.  Aim to develop, support, and steward artistic and performance education for diverse and disadvantage indiviiduals and communities for underrepresented ethnic communities and non-traditional background.

Chief of Information

Cisco "STEEL" Castille Anderson is CEO,DJ,Producer,& Entertainer @ Ellorenz International Records and long standing voting member of the Grammys! As the creator of "Ellorenz" brand, he has won numerous awards at global film festivals, i.e. best soundtrack and screenplay."   His goal is to create music magic that moves the masses.

Director of Screening

Yordanos Mussie has made a name for herself working in the beauty and fashion industries as a beauty expert.  She has launched her own line of sking care and color products called Shenen. She is a skilled screener for finding the best next Top Star.   Character and Intergrity is what makes a Star.

Resident stylist

Mike’s passion for styling was sparked at the age of 17 when, after falling into the fashion industry, he realised that the majority of women wanted to learn about how to dress for their own style, rather than focusing on what was in fashion.

Personal stylist

Primarily, Robert is working as a personal stylist. He has also hosted fashion events, presented televised fashion segments, styled photo shoots and fashion parades, created visual merchandising displays.